Quiet reinvention: an oasis of cozy bliss

endear is an intimate luxury spa tucked away in a residential part of Azabu Juban, Tokyo.  The spa is quintessentially luxury that whispers: an exclusive but cozy atmosphere, sessions unparalleled in class and technique. endear also offers a line of products: two aromatherapy oils and a lavender lotion spray.

In our initial research, we found that a standalone luxury spa with a strong social media presence is extremely rare. Content very easily veers towards cheesy- moody lighting, a plumeria or lotus flower, a person resting their head against their arms with an obviously fake expression of tranquility.

We avoided such stereotypes through polishing an existing brand identity through intentionality in typography and graphic elements, investment in cinematography, and always with an eye on communicating atmosphere, intimacy, and quiet abundance.

Strategy and positioning
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