History repeats itself:

Japan’s most versatile, sustainable fabric, transposed to new luxury values.

majotae is a textile brand that uses Taima-fu, a type of Japanese hemp. Taima-fu is a fabric with rich cultural history, beloved for its versatility, small ecological impact, and a unique handfeel that improves with wear and age. As many of its processes are incredibly laborious, the textile unfortunately fell out of favor during the Industrial Revolution.

majotae was able to leverage the latest manufacturing technology to mass produce Taima-fu, making it possible to bring this traditional fabric into the modern era.

LYDIA helped craft the brand’s core message around new luxury: versatile things that get better with age, choosing things with a small ecological footprint, a deep connection to both past and future.

We echoed these new luxury values through the creation of a design system, careful curation of the brand’s archives, clarifying and simplifying majotae’s values around sustainability.

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